Booster and strength

Nov 14, 2021

What a good word ‘strength’ is? We can put so many words to boost it and now we have a new word in Welsh cyfnerthydd for ‘booster’ which is a jab to join the other two. One must praise those whose job it is to do this kind of work. It can’t be easy to retell time and again all the suggestions and questions posed before inserting the needle. I feel a great sense of gratitude is due. What I don’t understand is those who are holding out and objecting to the vaccine even though they work in the medical field or that of social care etc. Care?
Some very different kind of jabs came the Prime Minister’s way in the UK last week when he attempted to clear the transgressions of one of his MPs along with the elders/the Brexit brethren mostly defending him to the hilt with an amendment that would give Owen Paterson a way out of fighting a by-election. In the end the government misjudged badly the fury of their MPs. And had to change course. But of course, by Monday, Boris was in hospital! and under the weather of wanting to have a free day to walk the corridors and mostly without a mask. What was he playing at? Did this show that he didn’t care except for his own ego ( media pictures) or perhaps he had forgotten that Covid is still raging.

This is the time when COP26 needed to be at the fore front of everyone, of the world leaders and in the eyes of all of us who worry about the planet’s future. Not so much the ‘A vineyard that was given to us’ (a famous Welsh language poem) as sour grapes which would be burnt to cinders. I recently read Elizabeth Kolbert’s book ‘Under a White Sky’ which retells the story of the world to come. No, it’s not a depressing book in that it tells us of all the interventions happening by those heroes of pioneers who are trying to avert disaster, such as engineers who are turning carbon into stones in Iceland (Icelanders by the way have no word for ‘stuck’). Then there are others trying to change a certain coral to withstand the heat and physicists who are attempting to shoot diamonds into the stratosphere in order to cool the earth. There is so much more in this intelligent book about innovations.

It’s profound. It’s intelligent. I can’t seem to find words to describe the lot we have in power at the moment. One by one, the Prime Minister is putting a patch or a mask on his eye to avoid what is happening with all this ‘sleaze’; llwgr wobrwyo – is a fine biblical word for gifting corruption in Welsh. And it just gets thicker and thicker. The word I used was caglau which in Welsh is clotted dirt! I started this column with ‘strength’ and ‘booster’. But grym ‘power’ is something else (temporary). Ah, but strength? Strength, nerth, now that’s something else and and at the moment just one’s desire.

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