Nov 28, 2021

There is a campaign to stop buying new clothes for a year. No, I won’t promise yet not to buy anything for a whole year but I do have admiration for those who have started the campaign for the sake of the environment.

I’ve been slowly trying to get rid of clothes in recent months. I managed to say goodbye to several bundles of clothes bought and some, I am ashamed to acknowledge, not even worn with the price tag still on. The reason for buying a garment without knowing if I needed it was down to an impulse buy or seeing it on sale. Seeing the word ‘sale’ was enough at times to drive me to grab for my purse. I hate to acknowledge that I have spent unnecessarily. At least now I see those clothes from time to time in a local charity shop.
How different it was when I was a little girl. I’m now old enough to remember the ‘liberty bodice’, some kind of corset or vest for a child with buttons to keep the flesh warm and in place. Having a ‘vest’ was important in our vocabulary as children, if I had a cold one of my grandmothers would probably say ‘you should have worn a vest’. Well, you need more than just a vest these days to prevent you from getting sick but warm clothes are an asset always.

With the majority working from home these days, it’s nice to be able to wear pyjamas all day if you want. The prejudice about the type of clothing that is acceptable has also disappeared. Well hardly anyone notices anyone else’s clothes these days. I remember the period when wearing trousers as a young teacher in a school was the subject of debate over its ‘appropriateness’ even though mini skirts were the alternative at that time. And yes, the hoodie became essential wearing – with hoodie fashionable by the younger and old alike, though at some point criticized by politicians as a dangerous hooligan dress. Well now I love my hoodie and find it really comfortable whether it’s around the house or out in town.

Clothes. I loved when young going with my mum to buy material at the market and then we took the material to a woman who would do miracles. I can still feel the pins in my rib as I recall the word ‘fitting’ before strutting into the final outfit. And that’s me back to ‘two new dresses for summer.’ Ha! Prudent, as it should be. More than enough for summer where two new dresses and not another scratch for another year.

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